Easter Bazaar and Christmas Bazaar in Crédit Agricole Branch Offices in Serbia

For the fifth time, around Easter, as well as around Christmas,  between 15 and 20 branch offices, depending on the year, are hosts to the charity event called: Easter/Christmas Bazaar organised primariliy for the Bank’s clients, but by no means excluding employees.

As support to schools for children with learning disabilities Crédit Agricole organises annual sales exhibitions with 25 schools in 12 towns in Serbia: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kikinda, Bačka Palanka, Subotica, Sombor, Vršac, Pančevo, Niš, Pirot, Leskovac and Čačak.

Theme exhibitions of children’s arts and crafts have a twofold aim: to introduce the schools for children with special needs to clients and employees of Credit Agricole Srbija and also to promote the idea that every one of us, with just a little good will can ’become’ Good Fairy Dobrila. Marketing team helped by designing a badge in a limited edition  series for the occasion and each buyer of the children’s art became a Good Fairy Dobrila badge holder.

All the participants learn something new from the experience. Teachers who spent their free time promoting and selling children’s artwork got to know the bankers in branch offices much better.

Bankers, now more acquainted with guest-schools and their teachers, much better conveyed the message about the Easter Bazaar to the clients.

Our aim is to connect Good Fairy Dobrila to the idea that children from special schools can count on her to enrich the holidays and celebrations.

All collected funds from the sales of the children’s products are directed towards schools participants in order to purchase new materials for the children’s workshops.

The Bank continues to support and expand the projects of children’s integration into the society and therefore is a partner the schools for special education can count on.

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