For calls from the telephone network Tel. 0700 700 500
For calls from abroad and from the mobile network Mob. + 381(0)21/4876-888

Organisation chart

Board of Directors

  • OLIVIER GAVALDA, president
  • VESNA MATIĆ, independent member
  • GORAN PITIĆ, independent member
  • EVE DURET, member

Executive Board

  • GIANLUCA GIUSEPPE BORRELLI, President of the Executive Board
  • JELENA PAVLOVIĆ, Head of Corporate and Agriculture Division, in charge of Corporate, SME and Agriculture Business, Member of the Executive Board
  • JOŽEF NAĐ, Head of Retail Division, in charge of Retail Business, Member of the Executive Board
  • MARIJANA CUPARA, Head of Functioning and Transformation Division, in charge of HR, Strategy and Organization and Digital Transformation, Member of the Executive Board
  • MIROSLAV NIĆIN, Chief Operations Officer, in charge of IT and Operations, Member of the Executive Board
  • VEDRANA BOGDANOVIĆ MARKOVIĆ, Head of Risk and Permanent Control, in charge for Risk Monitoring, General Secretariat, Legal Affairs and Collection, Member of the Executive Board
  • ŽELJKO OBRADOVIĆ, Chief Financial Officer, in charge of Management and Accounting Control, Capital Planning and Treasury, Member of the Executive Board
  • RAŠKO TOMAŠEVIĆ, Head of Marketing and Communications Division, in charge of CRM, Segment Marketing, Communications and Customer Excellence, Permanent Guest of the Executive Board

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