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MasterCard Instalment

The MasterCard Instalment credit card of Crédit Agricole Bank is completely tailored to your needs because you choose the amount of your monthly instalment that remains fixed during the entire repayment period, fully in accordance with your needs and creditworthiness. That way, you cannot get into a situation where you cannot control the amount of your monthly credit card obligations.

With this card, you can better plan the refinancing of credit card obligations in other banks.

The interest rate on this credit card is 1.59% monthly.


  • Type of loan: equal monthly instalments
  • Currency in which the limit is approved: RSD
  • Indexing criteria: no indexing criteria
  • Deposit: chosen by the client, the possibility of placing 100% deposit in EUR
  • Loan amount: from 30,000 to 1,000,000 RSD
  • Interest rate: fixed, calculated (by conforming method) and charged at the end of the billing period. The billing period is one calendar month.
  • Repayment: depending on the agreed annuity amount; the limit is calculated on the basis of 60 months and a monthly annuity.
  • Security instruments: blank solo promissory note without protest, administrative injunction certified by the employer, deposit - if the client applies for a deposit-based card

Nominal and effective interest rate


Nominal interest rate

20,84 %

Effective interest rate


Effective interest rate calculated on 21/01/2020. The calculated EIR is given for information purposes and is not binding on the Bank.


Representative example for clients with salary in CAS when the entire limit is used

Loan amount

Repayment Period


Monthly annuity


Total amount of loan that will be repayed at the end of the contractual period

184.200 RSD

60 months


5.000,00 RSD


298.852,15 RSD

The amount of the monthly annuity is 5,000 RSD. It includes the amount of the monthly loan maintenance fee, interest and the corresponding part of the principal repayment.

Costs that are borne by the user, and are known at the time of loan approval: 250 RSD for loan account maintenance - monthly fixed fee; RSD 246 cost of credit bureau report - one-time fixed fee; 50 RSD bill of exchange cost - one-time fixed fee.znos mesečnog anuiteta iznosi 5.000 RSD. U isti je uključen iznos mesečne naknade za održavanje kreditne partije, kamata i odgovarajući deo otplate glavnice.

Online payment

3D Secure is a free service provided by Crédit Agricole Bank, in order to increase your security when paying with a payment card online. You can use this service when paying at all merchants included in the MasterCard SecureCode and / or Verified by Visa program. The 3D Secure service provides you with additional protection against unauthorized use of your payment card during an internet transaction.

 The service is provided to users of all MasterCard and Visa cards of Crédit Agricole Serbia, and registration for the use of the service is not required.

What you need to use the 3D Secure service is to register your mobile phone number at the nearest branch of Crédit Agricole Bank, in order to receive a One Time Password (OTP).

 At the online point of sale that supports payments via 3D secure protocol, after selecting the product and confirming the purchase you will be redirected to a security site where you will be asked to enter the OTP / One-time password sent to you via SMS to the mobile phone number you registered. in the bank. All pages related to delivery and entry of One-time passwords are marked with the Bank's logo and the 3D secure protocol logo, verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode, depending on whether you pay with a Visa or MasterCard card issued by Crédit Agricole Serbia.

By entering the password, authentication is performed - verification of your identity. Thus, the One-Time Password has the function of additional security when paying online.

After successful authentication, you continue with the purchase process when the authorization - transaction processing is performed.

You can see a detailed description of the payment process HERE.

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