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Account opening and payment transactions

Crédit Agricole Serbia provides its clients with the service of opening and managing their current accounts, foreign currency accounts and special purpose accounts. The clients are provided with a full range of services for domestic and foreign payment transactions, with very favorable fees, reduced by 20% -25% if performed via online banking.

Crédit Agricole Serbia account holders can use the following services:

  • Account opening and managing
  • Receipt of payment orders and payment execution (fast and effective payment order execution, all orders above RSD 300,000 are considered urgent with value date on the same day when the order is made)
  • Cash payments and withdrawal
  • Cash collection and delivery
  • Account statements (delivery of the statement on account transactions in a manner that suits the client (at the cash desk, electronically, e-mail, IVR, fax)
  • The account is opened on the basis of signed Agreement on account opening
Documents required for account opening
  • Application form for account opening (the form of Crédit Agricole Serbia)
  • Decision on the registration of the legal entity into the Register of the authorized body not older than 3 months
  • Certificate by the authority in charge on the classification of businesses (statement from the registry of the Republic Statistical Office)
  • Document of competent authority which bears the Tax Identification Number
  • Verified signatures of the persons authorized for representation of a legal entity (OP form)
  • Specimen cards of signatures
  • The ID of the authorized signing parties
  • Completed “Know Your Client” form


Special purpose account for purchase and sale of securities

The clients trading in securities may open specific purpose trading accounts with Crédit Agricole bank, in particular for:

  • purchase or sale of shares in RSD
  • purchase or sale of old foreign currency savings bonds in EUR
  • trading in government securities

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