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E-banking for corporate clients

Crédit Agricole Serbia offers you two program solutions for corporate clients:

  • HAL E-bank
  • Asseco e-bank

 E-banking advantages:

By using Crédit Agricole Serbia E-bank service, the client can manage its assets in more efficient and cost-effective manner, with numerous advantages, in particular:

  • Access to bank account assets and the possibility of performing monetary transactions by the Crédit Agricole Serbia client, from any location, in the country or abroad , 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without necessarily visiting the Bank and not limited by its working hours.
  • Substantial time saving
  • Money saving – E-banking service fee is more favorable than standard banking transaction fees.

Additional e-banking services:

Additional e-banking services are offered to all clients of the Bank who have not yet decided to use e-banking solutions:

  • E-mail channel –possibility of obtaining statements, notifications on incoming and outgoing payments, account balance. (By signing documents at the Bank’s branch office)
  • SMS message– messages on incoming and outgoing payments, generated statement, account balance. (By signing documents at the Bank’s branch office)
  • IVR service– the possibility of using a voice recording as well as ordering the latest statement of account to the e-mail/fax channel. (upon signing documents at the Bank’s branch office)

Halcom e-bank

  • RSD transactions
  • Foreign currency transactions
  • Presentation of account balance for Visa Business/METRO cards

Halcom e-bank is a multi-bank application – you can use the same application and the same smart card to monitor your transactions in all Banks where you have an account and which support the Halcom solution. Depending on the business needs of a legal entity and specificities of its information system, the following versions are available:

  • Personal Hal e-bank – an app which can be used by only one employee
  • Corporate Hal e-bank –an app which can be used by several employees
  • WEB app - represents a supplemented version of Personal/Corporate Hal e-bank because it enables the signing of payment orders from abroad.
B2B module

Enables direct exchange of documents between an enterprise’s information system (ERP) and the bank’s information system for domestic and foreign payment transactions without manual assistance. Payment orders are prepared, verified and approved within the enterprise’s information system (e.g. SAP, Navision, BAAN etc.) and are sent straight to the bank. Every change in the bank is directly forwarded to the company’s information system, thus enabling an up-to-date and simple presentation of client’s assets.

Office Banking

Office Banking application provides:

  • Presentation of account balance, transactions and statements of RSD and foreign currency accounts in real time
  • Fast realization of RSD payment orders
  • Fast realization of payment orders in foreign currency, purchase and sale of foreign currency, allocation of incoming payments from abroad
  • Presentation of payment order status, in real time
  • Bill of exchange registration

Depending on the business needs of a legal entity and specificities of its information system, two versions are available:

  • Office Banking Desktop – installation and operation on one computer of the user
  • Office Banking Enterprise – installation and operation with a centralized database accessed by several client applications, which enables simultaneous work of several users with the central database.

Office Banking application is a new-generation offline application, functionally focused on the client. Orders are created in offline mode, but Internet connection (online mode) is necessary during data exchange with the Bank (synchronization). There is a possibility of auto-synchronization (automatic transmission of information on account balance and transactions from the Bank to the User). During synchronization, the users download Bank account data, as well as statuses of sent payment orders in real time. Through Office Banking application, it is also possible to send the necessary documentation to the Bank together with a foreign-currency payment order directed abroad.


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