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Credit Agricole Bank offers the following factoring products: direct domestic and international factoring and reverse domestic and international factoring.


Factoring can be defined as a financial instrument by means of which Credit Agricole finances companies on the basis of future (undue) receivables arising from the sale of goods or services in the domestic or foreign market. Factoring is a suitable form of short-term financing for all legal entities that have quality short-term receivables, but that cannot or do not want to collect funds in the traditional way through borrowing. This form of financing is primarily intended for small and medium-sized enterprises. Such enterprises have difficult access to traditional banking products, do not have any assets or have already engaged its assets through mortgages or pledges, so their credit capacity is low.


  • To improve own liquidity – no waiting for the collection of receivables and therefore they can improve business financing (timely payment of liabilities to suppliers, achieving of better terms with suppliers – discounts, rebates, etc.);
  • No loan-related indebtedness – credit capacity is not reduced and credit limits are not burdened with the banks (with recourse-free factoring). Also, factoring can be used by enterprises that do not have credit capacity but they own quality receivables;
  • Goodwill improvement – the growth of credit ranking due to improvement of liquidity and timely execution of obligations, the company is rated as reliable – increase in sales and competitiveness;
  • Risk reduction – Contingent liabilities risk – The factor assumes the risk of failure to collect receivables
  • To avoid the risk of exchange rate fluctuations due to early financing;
  • Unnecessary insurance of mortgage and other guarantees – the Bank investigates primarily the credit solvency of the client (whereas in the loan application, the bank investigates the Client’s credit solvency with certain collateral).


  • Factoring with discount – financing is carried out by immediate payment into your account the total value of the invoice reduced by discount
  • Factoring with advance payment – the contracted amount of advances is immediately paid into your account (it usually amounts to 75% - 95% of the invoice value), reduced by the factoring fee. Balance of the invoice value, reduced by the factoring interest accrued considering the amount of advances is paid into your account upon maturity of the invoice, that is upon the settlement of liabilities by the Debtor.


Reverse factoring is a financial service through which the Bank finances the Client’s obligations to domestic and foreign suppliers.

The subject of reverse factoring is the purchase and sale of the existing undue or future short-term monetary debt arising from the agreement on the domestic or foreign sales of goods/ provision of services.

Upon assuming the debt, the factor shall make the transfer of assets to suppliers under the specified invoices, and the Customer shall make the payment to the Bank within the agreed time period.

Reverse factoring provides the Customer with longer payment terms or additional discounts with suppliers, while on the other hand, the suppliers are provided with quick access to  current assets.

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