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Online Banking

Save your time by using Crédit Agricole Serbia e-banking services!

The bank offers you two solutions:


1. eBank

     Login to eBank here. 

2. mBank



Benefits of online banking


You can use the application for:

  • Real-time overview of the balance and transactions on your dinar and foreign currency accounts
  • Viewing the list of reserved amounts on the account
  • Payment of invoices/bills to any recipient
  • Buying and selling foreign currencies
  • Overview of the exchange rate
  • Internal transactions between accounts you have in use (e.g. transfer from the current account to the credit card account)
  • Overview of savings accounts (term and demand deposit accounts, dinar and foreign currency)
  • Overview of credit card accounts
  • Overview of loan accounts
  • Blocking cards
  • Overview of locations of Crédit Agricole Bank branches and ATMs with a directions map
  • Informative calculator for loans and savings
  • Contacting bank advisors by e-mail
  • Receiving messages from the Bank

 The advantages of this system are: 

  • Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Saves time because you don’t have to go to the Bank for the most frequently used services and the necessary information
  • Saves money because commissions on online transaction orders are significantly lower, or even free of charge
  • You can see all the templates you have on Asseco eBank on mBank as well, and vice versa.

 Additional eBank services:

  • e-mail channel - the possibility to receive statements, incoming payments, account balance (after signing the documentation at a Bank's branch).
  • SMS channel - messages after receiving a payment, generated statement, account balance (after signing the documentation at a Bank's branch).
  • IVR service - the possibility to use IVR service (free of charge, by downloading the PIN code to access IVR).
Equipment necessary to use CA mBank application


1.Mobile phone with:

  • Android OS, minimum version 4 "ICE CREAM SANDWICH“;
  • Apple iPhone, minimum version iPhone4;

2.Internet connection on mobile phone.

       *To set up the phone for Internet access, you need to contact the customer support of your mobile operator or the seller of your mobile phone to set up a wireless (wi-fi) connection.

3.Minimum 60 MB of available memory on the phone


Privacy Policy

The controller of personal data is Credit Agricole Bank Serbia A.D. Novi Sad, MB 08277931, PIB 101697525 (hereinafter: the Bank).

Contact Information:

Credit Agricole Serbia a.d. Novi Sad

Ul. Brace Ribnikar 4-6

21000 Novi Sad

Phone: +381(21)4876876

Fax: +381(21)4876976




Credit Agricole Serbia a.d. Novi sad

Personal Data Protection Manager

Ul. Brace Ribnikara 4-6

21000 Novi Sad

Phone: +381(21)4876960




The Bank collects the client's personal data as follows: name, surname, personal identification number, mobile phone number and e-mail address, all for the purpose of concluding and executing the contract between the Bank and the client.

The bank collects information on the type and version of the operating system on the user's mobile device and the client's mobile phone number in order to activate the mBank application.

The mBank application can be used without activation, if the application is installed on the user's mobile device. In this case, the user has access to a limited set of application functionalities:

  • Schedule an appointment. The bank processes the data entered by the user: name, surname, telephone number, exclusively for the purpose of contacting the client at the time scheduled by the user.
  • Branch and ATM Locator. The Bank does not collect or process locations where the user's mobile device is located. The locator is intended for the user in order to find the nearest ATM or branch of the Bank.
  • Contact us. The mBank application accesses the rights or functions on the user's mobile device, in order to establish a telephone connection to call the Bank's telephone numbers and / or access the software for sending e-mails exclusively for the purpose of sending an e-mail to the Bank. This takes place locally on the client's phone, the Bank does not access calls and e-mails of the user's mobile device. The bank receives a call and / or a sent e-mail and processes the data exclusively for the purpose of resolving the client's request.

In accordance with the above, the purpose of data processing is to establish a contact between the client and the Bank and the basis for processing are previous actions aimed at concluding a contract.


  • After the activation of the mBank application, the user can use an extended set of functionalities: QR reader. The mBank application can request access to a function of the user's mobile device - the camera, in order to scan the QR code when activating the application.
  • User settings. The mBank application can request access to files or a function of the user's mobile device - the camera, in order to set up the user profile picture. The bank does not collect or process data that the user leaves on the application (image and profile name). This data is stored locally on the user's phone. After uninstalling the mBank application, it is deleted from the user's phone.
  • IPS Scan. The mBank application can request access to a function of the user's mobile device - the camera, in order to scan the QR code from the printed invoice/bill or at the retailer's point of sale. The bank does not collect files accessed by the user's mobile phone camera.
  • IPS Show. The mBank application generates a QR code containing the user's account number, in order to complete the transaction at the retailer's point of sale.
  • Execution of transactions. The Bank processes transactions that the user orders to the Bank through the mBank application in order to complete the requested transactions.
  • Payment template. The Bank processes the names of payment templates and elements of the transfer order from the template, which the user creates, using the eBank or mBank application, exclusively for the purpose of further faster and easier realization of the user's transfer orders.

The legal basis for the processing of the abovementioned data is the execution of the contract, namely the provision of personal data is a necessary condition for concluding a contract because otherwise the contract cannot be concluded.

In case a client wants to use a QR reader, it is necessary to provide the consent to such processing, namely, the failure to provide such a consent prevents the use of the QR reader.

The client has the right to revoke the consent at any time, provided that the revocation of consent does not affect the admissibility of processing on the basis of consent before revocation.



Data exchange with third parties: The Bank may submit all information and data related to the user in case of a request, as follows: to the National Bank of Serbia, Credit Bureau - Association of Serbian Banks and other competent entities to which it is obligated to submit data by law, all for the purpose prescribed by the regulations related to the operation of these entities. The Bank may exchange user data with the Forum for the Prevention of Credit Transactions and Payment Cards Misuse of the SCC in case of suspicion of a criminal offense, insurance companies with which the Bank has concluded a contract in order to determine the fulfilment of user obligations to insurance companies, and may submit data to the Bank's external auditors, at their request in order to verify the proper operation of the Bank.

Retention period: Data are stored during the validity of the contract, as well as 10 years after the expiration of the contract in accordance with the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

The right to data access: From the Bank, the data controller, you may receive a confirmation whether your data is being processed, and if processed, you have the right to access personal data and information prescribed by the Law on Personal Data Protection.

The right to rectify: You can request from the Bank to rectify your incorrect personal data, as well as to amend the data, taking into account the purpose of processing, if the data is incomplete, by providing a supplementary statement.

The right to delete: You can request from the Bank as the data controller to delete the data if one of the reasons prescribed by the Law on Personal Data Protection has been fulfilled.

We hereby inform you that the Bank may not delete your data if their processing is necessary, in order to comply with the legal obligation of storage or for reasons of public interest regarding the submission, implementation or protection of legal claims.

The right to restriction of processing: You may request from the Bank a restriction on the processing of your data if any of the conditions under the Law on Personal Data Protection have been met.

Right to data transfer: If the processing of your personal data is based on a consent or is necessary to execute the contract or to take actions before concluding a contract, you can: request to receive your personal data in a structured, common form and machine readable format or to transfer your data to another data controller. In addition, you may request that your data be transferred directly from the Bank to another data controller, provided that this is technically feasible for the Bank. In that case, you will provide the Bank with the correct information about the new data controller to which you intend to transfer your data, by giving the Bank a written consent.

Right to complain and the right to file a complaint with the data protection authority: Despite your right to address an administrative body or court, if you believe that the processing of your data by the Bank violates the Law on Personal Data Protection and / or applicable regulations of the Republic of Serbia, you may file a complaint to the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection.

Notwithstanding the above, if you believe that the processing of data conducted by the Bank violates the Law on Personal Data Protection, you can contact the Data Protection Officer at to jointly try to resolve your complaint.

Persons to whom the data refers may contact the person responsible for personal data protection regarding all issues related to the processing of your personal data, as well as in connection with the exercise of your rights prescribed by the Law on Personal Data Protection.

Automated individual decision making, including profiling: The mBank application does not use automated decision making.

ASSECO (Pexim) e-bank package WEB 3.0

Benefits od eBank package


The advantages of this system are:

  • You set the Login Password yourself, using the Username and Activation Code
  • Works on the most commonly used browsers (IE, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Google chrome)
  • Business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Save time because you do not have to go to the Bank
  • You save money because the commissions on electronic accounts are significantly lower or even free
  • You can create an arbitrary transfer order (to pay an arbitrary creditor)
  • You can inquire about the balance and turnover of your accounts in real time,
  • You have an insight into the balance and turnover of your credit cards, you can pay monthly obligations by credit card
  • You can perform foreign exchange transactions (purchase and sale of foreign currency)
  • You have an insight into term and avista savings accounts, dinar and foreign currency
  • You can make transfers between accounts of the same owner
  • You have confirmations of payments and changes to the account on the WEB application and on your email
  • You can use the IVR service - an answering machine to check the account balance
More details


Equipment necessary to use E-bank package:

  • PC with a minimum Windows 7 operating system
  • Internet connection

CA m-Bank application for electronic banking on your mobile phone

The CA mBank application (Le bank mobile) is electronic banking for your Android OS mobile phone and for the Apple iPhone. 

An active internet connection on a mobile phone with either a mobile operator or a wireless (wi-fi) connection is required for this service to work. 

You need to download and install the application. Installation of CA mBank application is available at: 





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