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Our employees

Ana (Bojović) Veličković

Head of resourcing and people development

It is a great pleasure when you have an opportunity to participate and follow employees’ professional development starting with their first job interview and then continue with orientation and further development. For me this is the most exciting part especially when it deals with young people who we engage annually on different programmes and thus give them a chance to get their first working experience.

To witness young persons’ turning points, from their initial vision and ambition through development of their potentials to becoming credible professionals, makes me feel optimistic when I think about changes ahead of us.

Vlastimir Filijović

Regional sales manager for Vojvodina region (regional director)

Working for CA Leasing Serbia as part of a big CA Group is, first of all, an honour and then a huge responsibility to achieve the set goals in the best possible way.
Everyday business challenges help us to open up our abilities and extend our own boundaries on a daily basis.

I am pleased that employees from CA Leasing Serbia get a chance to demonstrate their maximum. I’ll end by citing the famous German philosopher Arthur Shopenhauer: The best you can expect in life, is a good chance.