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Get additional funds in a fast and simple way and get through current or occasional lack of funds available on your current account! By opening a current account with Crédit Agricole Serbia to receive your salary/pension, you can apply for an overdraft.

  • Type of loan: Current account overdraft
  • Currency: RSD
  • Criteria for foreign currency clause: There are no criteria for foreign currency clause
  • Loan amount: No defined minimum amount, max up to 800,000 RSD
  • Loan period: minimum of 6 months, maximum 24 months
  • NIR: 2.7% fixed monthly interest rate (37.67% fixed per annum)
  • Interest rate calculation method: Conform method
Representative example
  • Overdraft limit: 50,000 RSD
  • Loan amount in use: RSD 50,000
  • Overdraft validity period: 12 months
  • NIR: 2.7% fixed monthly interest rate (37.67% fixed per annum)
  • EIR (annually):96% *
  • Amount of interest - total: RSD 16,235.86
  • Total loan amount with interest: RSD 66,235.86
  • Total fees and other costs: 671 RSD **
  • Total amount to be repaid by the user during the loan term: RSD 66,906.86 (RSD 50,000 + RSD 16,235.86 + RSD 671)

Conditions for early partial or full loan repayment:

There are no special conditions for early, partial or full, repayment of the current account overdraft. The user is obliged to settle the obligations under the overdraft before the expiration date.


* EIR was calculated on 17th April 2018
** Fees and other costs payable by the borrower:

  • Cost of Credit Bureau Report: 246 RSD
  • Cost of the bill of exchange: 50 RSD
  • Insurance premium: 375 RSD one-time


Security instruments


  • "No-protest" blank bill of exchange with a bill of exchange authorization
  • Signed attachment to salary
  • Insurance coverage for loan beneficiary against an accident and permanent loss of general functional capacity (disability) as a result of an accident



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