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SUPÉRIEUR Account Package

For a privileged treatment and high standards. For a modern approach to asset management. For a fully rounded banking service. For more than expected. For you - Supérieur Account Package.

SUPÉRIEUR Account Package includes:

  • RSD current account
  • Foreign currency current account
  • Debit cards: DinaCard, Visa Platinum
  • E-bank (free of charge for payments)
  • Travel insurance
  • Preferential rate for buying/selling foreign currency
  • Standing orders free of charge
  • One credit card of your choice with no maintenance fee
  • Free of charge cash withdrawal with DinaCard at ATMs of other banks in the country

The price of monthly maintenance of the SUPÉRIEUR Account Package is RSD 1,190.00.

Payment cards

  •  DinaCard

Dina Card is a national debit card that enables the management of available funds on the account for payment of goods and services at all points of sale in the country marked with the Dina Card sign.

For the users of the Supérieur account package, withdrawing money at all ATMs in the country with Dina Card is free of charge.


  • Visa Platinum

VISA Platinum card meets high standards not only in finance, but also in other areas of life and work with numerous privileges available exclusively to the users of this card.

Take advantage of the comfort provided by the prestigious VISA Platinum card and enjoy travel with additional security and time saving, as well as a number of benefits and discounts for shopping locally and internationally.




  •  E-bank package

It enables an overview of the balance and turnover of your RSD and foreign currency accounts, an overview of your RSD current account statement, transfer of funds, purchase and sale of foreign currency, internal transfers (transfer of funds within your accounts), review of savings accounts, credit review.

  • m-bank

The application is an e-bank solution for your mobile phone, it allows you to view the balance and turnover of your RSD and foreign currency accounts, pay bills, buy and sell foreign currency, view savings accounts (term and avista savings, RSD and foreign currency), view credit card accounts.




Travel Insurance

  • In cooperation with Wiener Stadtische Insurance, Crédit Agricole Bank, within the Supérieur account package, also provides international travel insurance that gives reliable protection during travel or temporary stay abroad.

    Experience all the benefits of a relaxed trip, knowing that fast, efficient and professional support is always available for your needs, as well as the coverage of costs for medical assistance.


Discounts and other benefits


Preferential exchange rate

Users of the Supérieur package of accounts who receive salary in Crédit Agricole Bank are entitled to a more favourable exchange rate for buying / selling of cash in foreign currency in the bank's branches, through e-bank and m-bank packages and standing order.

Free of charge standing orders

Free of charge standing orders for payment of utility bills to companies with which the bank has signed agreement (Telenor, Telekom, Informatika, Infostan, EPS Snabdevanje, etc.).

Credit card

Supérieur package account users have the option of choosing one credit card without the cost of loan account maintenance.

Easily available cash

Cash withdrawals at ATMs of other banks with a Dina Card are free of charge.


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