Lease of Safety Deposit Boxes

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Crédit Agricole Srbija offers you safety, security and discretion while safeguarding your most valuable items!

You can rent safety deposit boxes for period from one month to one year.

Safety deposit box renting fee depends of the size of the safe and it is part of the policy of Crédit Agricole Srbija.

You only need to come with your ID and conclude Contract on use of safety deposit box.

Dimensions of safety deposit boxes (height, width, debt) and monthly rent

  • 60.8 X 300 X 480 - 220 RSD
  • 91.2 X 300 X 480 - 250 RSD
  • 121.6 X 300 X 480 - 300 RSD
  • 152X 300 X 480 - 350 RSD
  • 304 x 300 x 480 - 400 RSD
  • 364.8 x 300 x 480 - 450 RSD
  • 912 X 300 X 480 - 500 RSD
  • 304 x 600 x 480 - 550 RSD
  • 608 X 300 X 1000 - 600 RSD

Foreign Exchange Operations

Crédit Agricole Srbija buys effective foreign money from residents – private individuals and non-residents – private individuals for RSD at purchase exchange rate for effective money of the Bank, which is in effect on purchase date.

We perform sale of effective foreign money at selling exchange rate for foreign money, which is in effect on sale date.

All clients that transfer their salary to account in Crédit Agricole Srbija will obtain special advantages when purchasing effective foreign money.

Money Transfers

You can perform fast, quality and secure transfer of money from abroad, and send money abroad from your foreign currency account in one of 82 branches of Crédit Agricole Srbija.

You can transfer money from abroad, via vostro payment order, from any country in the world, through developed network of corresponding banks, with instructions you can receive in any of the branches of Crédit Agricole Srbija.

Disbursement is performed in currency of the inflow, and on your request it can be performed in RSD as well.

Owners of foreign currency accounts can send money abroad, via nostro payment order, in accordance with Law on Foreign Currency Operations and the appropriate bylaws, and on basis of family supporting expenses, gifts, aid, payment for goods and services abroad and similar, with presentation of the appropriate documentation.

Commission for this type of service is charged according to valid tariff of the Bank.

Purchase of credit for mobile telephone with payment card

Crédit Agricole Srbija continues to expand its offer providing you with ability to purchase credit for mobile telephone by SMS using Dina or Visa payment card.

Holders of Dina and Visa payment cards of Crédit Agricole Srbija, who previously register their cards for this service, will be able to purchase credit for their prepaid mobile telephone accounts in only couple of moments, regardless which mobile network they use. They only need to send a text message.

We emphasize that it is enough to visit any branch of our bank just once and fill-out a simple form which will activate this service. After that, holders of Visa payment card of Crédit Agricole Srbija can use this service at any time and anywhere, even in roaming. In the same way, they can prepay credit to accounts of their friends or family members.

Activation and use of this service is completely free!