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CA Leasing

CA Leasing Serbia is the youngest leasing company on the market. It started operation in September 2007 as part of Crédit Agricole Group, one of the leading global financial groups. 

Founded by Crédit Agricole Bank Serbia, it is present in the three largest regional centers: Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Čačak. Through mutual cooperation, the clients can get leasing deals in 74 branches of Crédit Agricole Bank across Serbia.

CA Leasing Serbia offers to legal entities and private individuals financial leasing services for the purchase of passenger and light commercial vehicles. It specializes in financing the procurement of a fleet of vehicles for legal entities. The funding offers are created according to the needs and resources of each client, thus building mutual trust and long-term partnership. 

With an expert and professional team, they offer a high level of service that includes a simple procedure, expeditious approval and fast disbursement. 

Since 2016, CA Leasing Serbia has also been performing insurance agency activities in order to provide the entire leasing arrangement in one place and to raise customer satisfaction to a higher level.

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