For calls from the telephone network Tel. 0700 700 500
For calls from abroad and from the mobile network Mob. + 381(0)21/4876-888

Credit Cards

Crédit Agricole Serbia offers a MasterCard Instalment card as well as an A PLUS credit card.

Security Measures when Working with Payment Cards 

The card must be signed upon receipt, because an unsigned card is invalid. Keep it separate from the PIN number (PIN must not be shown to anyone). Also, when entering your PIN number at an ATM or POS terminal, ensure privacy. Be sure to check the transaction amount before signing the receipt.

For all information related to payment card operations, contact the Bank's Contact Centre at 0700 700 500. In case a card gets lost or stolen, immediately call 021 4876 888, a number available 24 hours a day.

The client – private individual has the right to cancel a payment card free of charge.
In addition to issuing payment cards, Crédit Agricole Serbia is also dedicated to the development of the POS terminal network as well as its ATM network.

As users of Crédit Agricole Bank payment cards, you will receive a discount of up to 25% at selected retailers and travel agencies with which the Bank has concluded the Cooperation Agreement!

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