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Home Comfort

Home Comfort gives you a peace of mind, because even in the event of unforeseen situations, you will be ready. You have the right solution for your home at the right moment. A sense of security that in case of an insured event, things in your home will not lose value. Responsibility, so that your neighbors do not suffer the consequences of unforeseen circumstances in your home. Problem solving, advice at the right time.

Home comfort protects your home from the following risks:

  • Fire and lightning
  • Explosion
  • Hail
  • Storm
  • Aircraft crash
  • Public events and demonstrations
  • Leakage of water from the pipes
  • Burglary and robbery
  • Glass breakage
  • Piping failure
  • Liability for damages caused to third parties 


In case of an insured event, Home Comfort also covers:

  • Damage from destruction or damage to insured items caused during rescue operations (demolition, removal, assistance…), up to a specific amount
  • Costs incurred in connection with clearing and demolition, up to a specific amount
  • Damage due to the disappearance of an insured item
  • The premium is calculated based on sqm of the apartment and the construction value of the insured facility. You can choose against which risks you want to insure your home and things in it and choose a suitable insurance package.

How is the premium paid?

  • The premium is paid annually.
  •  The contract can be concluded for a multi-year period. To have insurance tailored to your current situation, you can renew your insurance contract once a year.

Which documents are required to conclude an insurance contract?

  • ID card for inspection (for the insured person and the policyholder).

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