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Travel Insurance

During a trip, you may find yourself in situations where you need support or help. With travel insurance, you are insured in the event of a large number of unexpected circumstances that may happen during your stay abroad.

What does it cover?

Wiener Städtische Osiguranje offers wide coverage and a wide range of services, whether you are traveling alone, with your family or in a group.

Wherever you are in the world, you can always count on the support of the Help Center, which includes a large number of services and assistance in situations when you need it. Services may include medical, travel and legal aid.


Optionally, a daily allowance can be agreed for the days spent in hospital due to the consequences of an accident. This coverage includes a compensation of 10 EUR per day in accordance with the insurance conditions.  


How does the Help Center work?

If necessary, after calling +381 11 222 1 600, the Help Center will be at your disposal. The operator will contact you in Serbian and ask you to:

  • Leave your details (name and surname, policy number, contact phone)
  • Describe the situation

Through many years of experience, we have developed an efficient support system that allows us to offer you a wide range of services: from finding lost luggage, to quick interventions in medical emergencies.

 Which documents do you need to conclude a travel insurance policy?

You need identification data from the passport for travellers.

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