Step-by-step Savings – Liberte Step 12

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  • Type of deposit: foreign currency deposit
  • The currency in which the client makes a deposit: EUR
  • Criteria for indexing: there are no criteria for indexing
  • The amount of funds the Bank receives as a deposit: minimum amount of EUR, maximum amount of deposit EUR 100,000
  • Term for which the deposit is received: 12 months
  • Nominal interest rate (fixed at annual level)
Accounting Month Nominal Interest Rate Accounting Month Nominal Interest Rate
1. month of saving 0.20% 7. month of saving 0.80%
2. month of saving 0.30% 8. month of saving 0.90%
3. month of saving 0.40% 9. month of saving 1.00%
4. month of saving 0.50% 10. month of saving 1.10%
5. month of saving 0.60% 11. month of saving 1.20%
6. month of saving 0.70% 12. month of saving 1.30%
  • Effective interest rate: 0.68%
  • Additional expenses: none
Amount of deposit Term Period
NIR EIR Amount with interest*
5.000 12 months 0.20% - 2.00% 0.68% 5.040,20

Depositors have the obligation to pay income tax on capital income from interest on foreign currency savings deposits and other deposits of natural persons.

Payment of interest on foreign currency savings is made after the deduction of taxes in accordance with the Law on Personal Income Tax, which is paid by the Bank on behalf of the Depositor.

*The stated amount includes tax on capital income from interest

Crédit Agricole Serbia participates in the mandatory deposit insurance system established in the Republic of Serbia.